GUI utility for putting Java in a JAR!

File Canner is a GUI-based utility for creating putting Java applications and applets into JAR files. The graphic user interface allows users to double check the files that will be jarred and also set several advanced options including the main class.

Revolutionary Replacement for the JAR utility!

With the Java Development Kit, Sun has included a jar utility, a command line tool that allows Java developers to package files into an executable file. File Canner takes this utility to the next step, using a graphic user interface to make the application more user friendly, plus automatically generating a manifest file, so even novices can create professional executables.

Open Source Freeware!

All these capabilities are here for the best possible price, absolutely free! And because the software is open source, it is easy for any developer to expand and customize. All we ask is to be sent a copy of the new version, and to be credited in the customized version.

Future Development in Progress

We are currently working on development of the next version of File Canner which will include a wizard to create revolutionary cross platform installation wizards. This capability will allow developers to create a single file that can install software on any computer with Java support installed.