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This page contains links to all released versions of JavaCanner, and the related source code and documentation for each release. When any new version is released, from development to the final version, a link will be put on this page.

Please be aware that all files are released under the Attribution Assurance License. A copy of the license can be downloaded below, and is included with all the zip downloads. A copy of the Attribution Assurance License can also be downloaded from the Open Source Initiative.

Current Stable Release: Version 1.0 Final Build 56

The current stable release has been fully tested and is fully functional. This release is strongly recommended for business and production use. Any technical issues about this release can be checked on the support page.




Executable Jar

Source Code

Class Files

Current Test Release: Version 1.1 Beta Build 69

The Beta release has newer features than the latest stable release, however the Beta version has not undergone any user testing. This release is not recommended for business or production use, but may be ideal for testing and as a preview of upcoming features.

This Beta release adds several new features including support for subfolders, the ability to create Zip files, and the ability to view information about files set to be added to the archive. Please remember, however, that these new features have not been comprehensively tested.

Source code only - please download the Development version below. A full compiled version should be available shortly.

Current Development Release: Version 1.1 Build 69 - Developers only

The files here are for development use only. These files are intended to be used by the development team currently working on the application. This version of the software is not fully functional, and may not compile or run. The development release consists of source code. There are no compiled files available.

Latest Development Release