File Canner 1.0 Features

File Canner is a GUI-based replacement for the JAR utility included in the JAVA software development kit released by Sun. By replacing the command line interface of jar with a comprehensive graphic user interface, it is easier to configure the jar file, add and remove files, and edit the manifest.

Current Features

  • Runtime File Management - The new user interface allows the user to select files to add to the Jar file, and allows the user to remove files much more easily than from the command prompt.
  • Manifest File Support - If you have written a manifest file, JavaCanner can process the file and add it to the JAR when it is created.
  • Manifest Creation - Based on user settings, the program will create a new manifest file if one has not been specifed.

Planned Features for Next Release

  • Advanced Manifest Support - To improve the customization of the JAR file, a future release will allow for more sophisticated, file specific manifest settings.
  • SubFolder Support - The current release only supports files in the root folder of the JAR file. A future release will be able to handle subfolders.
  • Zip Format Support - The next release should feature the ability to store files in a basic zip format archive.

Planned Features for Future Versions

  • JAR File Editing - Currently, the application is only able to create new JAR files. It is not able to edit files that currently exist. A future version will be able to read and modify existing JAR files.
  • WAR and ZIP Support - Additional wizards and file IO capabilities will be added to allow users to create WAR files (for Web Applications) as well as standard ZIP files.
  • Self-Extracting Zip - A future version will feature the ability to create an archive as an executable jar file that will prompt the user for the destination, and will unzip the files to that destination folder.